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Yes, you can! – the positivity issue

2014 is almost here. How did that happen! It’s amazing to see the calendar turn over to January again. This year has been a springboard of an explosion of blessings in our life. With our new Bridal Collection we have set the bar higher and expanded our jewellery line. Whether for brides-to-be or not, our entire bridal jewellery collection is so versatile and multi-functional that any woman can wear it.

As the New Year approaches in less than three weeks, it’s a great time to review and reflect the previous year. Have you already made any resolutions for 2014? With this lookbook, we not only want to show and inspire you that our bridal collection looks beautiful on any woman, but we also want to inject positivity into your New Year. We want you to remember that it is okay not to be perfect. We want you (and us) remember to be positive. We put our favorite quotes on positivity into this lookbook, and hope that they will inspire you, motivate you, lift you up and help you in times when the sun doesn’t shine. Reading over these quotes a few times during some rough patches does sometimes work wonders. And hanging out with uplifting people.

Some of the most uplifting and positive people we were fortunate to work with over the last two years have been our supermodel and gorgeous jewellery bag designer Valerie Link, as well as our wonderful and talented photographer and art director Conny Wenk. These girls radiate so much love, warmth and happiness. When you are around them you cannot be upset or sad, it is as if they have some magical happy power over you. They make you light up.

Our best wishes to you all with the New Year. Fill 2014 with reasons to smile, it will only last a little while. Try new things. Get some rest. And above all stay positive. Here’s to hoping this year’s your best. Thank you for everything! You guys mean the world to us!

With love,

Business Director and Editor in Chief