Who we are

Fredrik about Johan

Johan, the entrepreneur and self-taught jewellery designer, was born in Belgium, the eldest of six children in his loving family. In 2005 he moved to Germany to work as a professional ballet dancer and in 2009 earned a musical theatre degree in Hamburg, to go on to perform in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Japan in a variety of shows such as Mary Poppins, Tanz der Vampire and many more. As the highly creative person, he is, solely performing on stage was not fulfilling enough for him, and so he found an additional way to both feed and free his creative spirit by starting to design and create jewellery. After Johan showed me his very first designs at the beginning of 2008, I was blown away, and thus the idea of sharing his work with the world was born and resulted in us founding JUVELAN in 2010.

I don’t think there are enough words to describe how much I admire Johan in everything he does. As JUVELANs designer and creative director there are just no limits to his capability; always surprising and impressing those around him, not only with his highly skilled talent for designing jewellery, but also his contagious laugh and positive energy that puts everyone around him in a good mood. No matter how many assignments he has on the go simultaneously, he makes sure every single piece of jewellery is made by hand, with the highest attention to detail, always striving for perfection. How often, after a long day at his working desk, do I hear “my hands feel a bit tired”? No wonder, I would say!

Johan about Fredrik

Fredrik was born in Sweden, the youngest of three children with one brother and one sister. Already at age 15, he left the small village he grew up in for Stockholm, to study acting. In 2006 this led to further studies as he moved to Hamburg wherein 2009 he earned his musical theatre degree. From then on Fredrik travelled the world working on stages in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and even in China.

Fredrik was one of the few people to see my very first jewellery designs back in the day, and he was also the one to say “the world needs to see your jewellery!”. Thankfully he was the perfect man to partner up with! Not only do we have the same zodiac sign Virgo, which means we are both extremely perfectionist and passionate regarding everything we do, but we also complete each other in so many ways. While I’m the creative part of JUVELAN, whether it’s coming up with new designs or manufacturing the jewellery, Fredrik is the one who loved maths as a kid (yuk!), likes to clean, to organise and to think logically. So imagine the great match we are! Without him, I would be lost entirely. I mean, who would answer the phone and all the e-mails? And who would pack and ship off the jewellery? No one could do it as well and with so much love as he does. And when it comes to our photo shoots, he is the one to organise everything, making sure we are always on schedule and taking care of our fantastic team. See what I mean? He is just the best!