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Spring Collection 2015 – Available Now!

Every time I start designing a new collection I never know what’s going to happen. This time we actually had a model and shoot planned before I started making or designing the Spring collection when our team met Lana Gordon we fell in love with her on the spot and instantly knew we have to work with her.

Inspired by her positive vibes and contagious smile, I immediately started brainstorming and thinking what type of jewellery would be nice on her. It didn’t take long before the thought hit me of designing a small collection filled with colour, happiness, warmth and individuality inspired by the beauty of nature during springtime.

2015-04-23 13.10.45

When I went through the process of picking the materials that inspire me to work with, I was intrigued with the thought of doing the entire collection with gemstones. Why gemstones you may ask?

2015-04-23 14.44.55

The beauty of gemstones is that no two stones are the same, they are unique materials to work with and come in the most amazing shapes and colours. For example when I found the Pyrite stones, also known as “fool’s gold”, the only thought going through my head was: “Lana as a person absolutely rocks, so this is the perfect stone for her”. And let me tell you, she absolutely rocked that rock during the shoot!!

2015-04-23 14.31.15

I also found the most amazing light blue Aquamarines and turquoise, Rainbow Jade, light green Amethyst and so many other stones that compliment each other in a very harmonious way and all reminded me of Spring. So the collection turned out to be a very delicate, playful and happy series of limited designs made with very special materials. I hope you will enjoy the new collection as much as I enjoyed making it, and the photos filled with happiness and love. To see the whole Spring Collection 2015 and our latest Lookbook #Feelgood made by photographer and art director Conny Wenk, please visit our website at www.juvelan.net.

Your designer and jewellery maker,

Johan Vandamme