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„Sparkling Love“ – the making-of video


Videography: Liesbeth Vandamme, Photography: Conny Wenk, Model: Anaïs Lueken, Hair & Makeup: Natalie Kottmann, Bridal Dress: Elfenkleid, Flowers: Blumen Porteck

The launch of our new bridal jewellery collection „Sparkling Love“ about a month ago was such an exciting moment for me – today, I feel just as excited as we are launching the making-of video from the photo shoot of the lookbook. A big shout-out and a huge thank you to my awesome sister Liesbeth Vandamme for creating this little video, what a wonderful gift!

I LOVE watching the video and I feel so honored to have the most amazing team ever around me, each and everyone with their own skills and qualities, contributing with their time and effort and like that, making my dreams come true. THANK YOU ALL!

With love,

Johan Vandamme