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Rose gold | headpieces in a new colour

A couple of months ago, Fredrik and I were able to present our new bridal hair jewellery collection in real live to most of our wonderful partners. It was Mandy, the owner of Seeweiss in Postdam, who asked me to make two versions entirely in rose gold for her stylish customers. I started looking for suitable stones and found these, to me, gorgeous Swarovski crystals that are actually called Rose Gold. I could not believe my eyes when they arrived – they were so beautiful and it was love at first sight. I believe this crystal is the perfect companion if you like jewellery, but your style is a little more bohemian and down to earth. Combined with the rose gold plated wire it is simply an impeccable combination.

Mandy’s favourite pieces were the Miracle and Believe bridal headpieces. While working on these two designs I started thinking that these pieces would be perfect, not only for your wedding day, but also for a stylish event or an evening out. And with the holidays approaching faster than you think, you can for sure think of at least one event where you’ll want to dress up and surprise someone with your outfit.

When both pieces were finished I was very pleased with the result and couldn’t be happier about them. If you like rose gold more than silver or yellow gold, please let us know and send us an email so we know what you want and we can make it happen.

rosegold-hair-jewelry-bridal_03 rosegold-hair-jewelry-bridal_01 rosegold-hair-jewelry-bridal_09 rosegold-hair-jewelry-bridal_013 rosegold-hair-jewelry-bridal_04 rosegold-hair-jewelry-bridal_08 rosegold-hair-jewelry-bridal_06 rosegold-hair-jewelry-bridal_012 rosegold-hair-jewelry-bridal_011 rosegold-hair-jewelry-bridal_010 rosegold-hair-jewelry-bridal_05 rosegold-hair-jewelry-bridal_06