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Rebecca goes JUVELAN

On the 8th of December 2011 ‘REBECCA ‘,the musical, had its German premiere in the Palladium Theatre Stuttgart. The musical  written by Michael Kunze (book and lyrics) and Sylvester Levay (music),is based on the novel with the same name by Daphne du Maurier.

At the premiere many stars from both television and stage could be spotted. However some of the biggest stars of the evening were the performers Pia Douwes, Femke Soetenga and Claudia Stangl, who all appeared on stage as part of the impressive ‘Rebecca’ cast.

Pia Douwes (to the right) embodies the strict housekeeper Mrs Danvers.

As alternate Femke Soetenga (to the left) also gives her mysterious interpretation of Mrs Danvers.

Claudia Stangl  (middle) is relieving the first cast with her portrayals of the rich, hysterical Mrs van Hopper and Beatrice, the sister from the male protagonist, Mr de Winter.

For this event JUVELAN had the great honour to accessorise these beautiful ladies with our own handmade jewellery, partly custom made for these stars. Thanks to the awesome and incredible photographer Conny Wenk we were able to capture this moment of stardom!

We proudly present to you our first JUVELAN Lookbook designed by Conny Wenk. This edition is called the “Glamour Issue” and we can now reveal that there are more to come. You can read our Lookbook HERE!