Our Story


The design and manufacturing
From initial concept through to delivery, at JUVELAN every single piece of jewellery is “handmade with love”. All our pieces are personally created by one single man – Johan Vandamme – and handcrafted with enormous attention to detail and an expert eye for colour and material combinations, in our studio in Stuttgart, Germany. This way, each piece of jewellery is unique and can be customised to the specific requirements of every client. We use exclusively handpicked, high-quality materials for our collections such as freshwater pearls, gemstones, gold, sterling silver and CRYSTALLIZED ™ Swarovski Elements. And because we don’t like to hold back or be at a standstill, we are always looking for new ideas, letting ourselves be inspired by life and the people we meet along the way, to continually develop our collections.

The name
In the search for a suitable name for our jewellery company, we took a virtual trip around the world, researching how the word „jewel“ translates in too many other languages. Visually, we found the translation „Juvelo“, from the international language of Esperanto, the most pleasing. However, it didn’t roll off the tongue as smoothly as we had hoped. Therefore we began to play with the word „Juvel“ adding a variety of different endings and sent a list of our favourites to friends and relatives to see which version they preferred the most. The majority, ourselves included, opted for „JUVELAN“.  We also then noticed that in this word our names were incorporated (JV for Johan Vandamme, and AN for Andersson) and thus the name of our company was born!

Juvelan Designer Johan Vandamme at work
JUVELAN Gesmtones

The vision
The most important factors for us are quality and attention to detail – from the very beginning, we wanted to make timeless, bespoke jewellery pieces with the highest quality materials that would have a lasting value. We like to hope they will become heirlooms, passed down to the next generation once our customers have filled them with countless beautiful memories.

We are not an anonymous online shipping company with soulless mass produce “made in China”, but instead two people with humour and passion, who through JUVELAN have fulfilled their dreams, and let their energy and commitment flow into each piece of jewellery. We love the personal relationships we build with our customers; from the initial contact through to final delivery, we assist them in person. We offer honest, open and competent advice. We speak our minds. We don’t follow trends but stay true to only our style. We are always open to wishes and suggestions from our customers and love to respond to individual requests by creating exclusive custom designs. No matter how large our company might grow, our goal will always be never to lose the personal relationship with our customers. Because what inspires us the most is the trust they put in us; if a customer decides to order a piece of lifestyle, or even bridal, jewellery, at JUVELAN – and are so satisfied that they think of us the next time they would like to purchase jewellery, rather than going to an anonymous jeweller, this show of loyalty motivates us on. What applies to a good marriage, also applies to our jewellery: it is not only to keep for a few months but to make you happy for a whole lifetime.