In Behind the scenes

Our New Branding

This is so exciting: I’m writing the very first new blog post on our brand-new website! Fredrik and I are totally happy and very humble, that we could finally go online with this „baby“ of ours and we sincerely hope you enjoy discovering all the new features on it.

Today we want to give you some insight on the process of how our new branding and website came to life. We would like to thank Susanne Rademacher from Lieschen Heiratet for introducing us to the two amazing persons that became our key figures and made all of this become reality. Initially, we wanted to be finished within two months after starting working with them, but boy were we wrong and naiv to even think that was possible!

Earlier this year we started the journey on the lookout for our new branding. Together with wonderful Nicole Sprekelmann from Nicnillas Ink, we began the process of rebranding. All we knew, was that we wanted to upgrade our already existing logo and give it more value. And by knowing we we’re going to entirely redo our website, we also knew we wanted it to represent the three C’s: clean, chic, classy. What we didn’t know is how we wanted it to look like. So over the course of the next months we put together a visual mood board; Nicole received a total of 14 pages of answers to the questionnaire she had given us, in order for her to get to know us and our brand, together with a bunch of long emails, and listened patiently to us during our multiple phone calls where we tried to put words on what we were envisioning.

When we received the final logo options Nicole had designed, it only took me and Fredrik a second to realize JUVELAN’s new logo had been created. We we’re over the moon with joy, because this meant we could take the next step with our project. Further, Nicole created many beautiful designs for our new business cards, hangtags for the jewellery, some beautiful patterns and a bunch of other great things. Most of these designs are now in the process of being developed and we’re anxiously awaiting the day they will arrive.

A big ginormous thank you goes out to Nicole for being very patient with us in times where we didn’t even know what we wanted and for creating some magic for our brand. We could not have done this without you!

With the new branding also came our new website, therefore we have to give a big shout-out to the amazing Torben Tschechne who guided us through the (very) technical side of things while creating this new home for JUVELAN. He was also very patient when it came to our creative outbursts of things we wanted to have on our website and was able to make everything come to life. Thank you guys!

Please enjoy the final branding board. We absolutely love it and hope you do too!



brandingboard juvelan brandingboard juvelan