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LOOKBOOK No. 20 „Pia Douwes“ – The Special Issue


We are very excited to celebrate our 20th lookbook with you! And for this issue, we have prepared a little something extra. Who would be a better choice for this celebration issue than the renowned musical star Pia Douwes – one of our very first models we ever worked with, and a big source of inspiration for our jewellery designs. And what better location is there than Amsterdam – home of this Grande Dame among musicals. With over 25 years on stage, Pia has had the honour of playing some of the biggest roles there are to play for a female musical performer. We had the idea of drawing on this enormous treasure of hers by letting her pick out some of her favourite characters and then have her portray these in a modern day version. Plus, of course, Pia Douwes up, close & personal playing the most important role there is; herself. Amsterdam, March 29th 2016, 12ºC, strong wind and weather shifting between rain and sun. Lucky us, having the opportunity to photograph in the historical rooms of the luxury boutique hotel Seven One Seven in Prinsengracht, centre of the city. A heartfelt thank you to owner and hotel director Brita Röhl for welcoming us in her beautiful hotel, dating back to the 17th century. We got so spoiled with great service, coffee, tea, sweets and the highlight of the day, the ginormous and extremely tasty sushi lunch! All in all it was just a lovely day all in all in this impressive city. A shoot like this is never possible unless you are surrounded by an awesome, highly skilled team, willing to contribute with their talents and great team work. THANK YOU TO: CONNY WENK – Photographer & Art Director … for the hard work before, during and after the shoot, consistently being highly motivated and like always, for delivering breathtaking photos with that little extra, plus for the art direction of our lookbooks. BOBBY RENOOIJ Hair & Make-Up … for the stunning hair & make-up creations and for the incredible and fast transformations of Pia from one character to another within such a short time. Amazing work! MONIQUE COLLIGNON – Outfits … for providing us with your beautiful designs for some of the looks in this issue. LIESBETH VANDAMME – Film Director … for your trained eye capturing the scenery in a way only you can do and then putting the moving pictures into enchanting videos. ULRIKE SCHLEE – Set Assistant … for always keeping an eye on the time schedule, changing camera lenses, checking if the set is clear and for motivating the whole team. As you might know by now, a JUVELAN shoot is never complete without some exquisite, dazzling and handmade jewellery pieces from the creative designer Johan Vandamme. In this celebration issue #20, there’s a fine mixture between some of Pia’s personal JUVELAN favourites from her very own treasure chest and a small selection of brand-new pieces. Keep your eyes open while browsing the pages, maybe you will discover your very own, new favourite piece of jewellery. And if you do, please let us know by dropping a message at our contact page at www.juvelan.net We’d love to hear from you! Thank you guys for being part of our journey, our work and for sharing and spreading the word about us. Without you, we wouldn’t be anything at all!

With love,
Fredrik Andersson

JUVELAN Business Director and Editor in Chief