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La Dolce Vita with Küssdiebraut and JUVELAN

During the research for my first bridal jewellery collection, I kept stumbling across the beautiful wedding dresses created with great attention to detail by Küssdiebraut designer Kerstin. Most of her designs can be described as boho, vintage or as simple but elegant. All are made of high-quality, exceptionally beautiful lace fabrics – these are looks that I personally love, and that go perfectly with our jewellery. Luckily, Kerstin agrees, and we have collaborated many times in recent years and were invited to provide Küssdiebraut with pieces from our collections for photo shoots. Many bridal boutiques stock our jewellery alongside Küssdiebraut dresses.

When we finally met Kerstin personally at an event, we sat together for a long time, enjoying a delicious meal and talking about everything and anything. To me, it was incredibly exciting and inspiring to hear how she founded Küssdiebraut and how much her label has grown in recent years. For us, this company is definitely a role model! Shortly after, Kerstin took pieces from our collection to Italy, where she shot her current bridal collection. You can probably imagine how excited we were. We would have liked to join in ourselves and enjoy a little slice of the dolce vita 😉

Earrings “Dreaming of you”Headpiece “Tenderness”| Earrings “Always Gold”Headpiece “Tenderness” Earrings “Happy Couple” Headpiece “Tenderness”| Earrings “Always Gold” Earrings “Always Gold” Earrings “Golden Fairy”Earrings “Glorious”Earrings “Silver Wedding” Necklace “Galadriel”Earrings “Dreaming of you” Earrings “Silver Wedding” Earrings “Oh Happy Day” Necklace “Eternal Love”Headpiece “Tenderness” | Earrings “Happy Couple” Earrings “Dreaming of you”

As you can see from the photos, the new collection consists of truly unique dresses suiting every type of woman. We chose jewellery in soft gold tones, headpieces and long necklaces that complement these dresses beautifully. During the shooting, our “Oh Happy Day” rhodonite drop earrings stood out as a personal favourite to me, proving once again that a splash of colour against a white wedding dress is a real eye-catcher.