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As a part of our 5-year-anniversary of JUVELAN, we had the little idea of getting in touch with all our super models we have been working with ever since the beginning, and ask them 5 questions including what they have been up to since their last photo shoot with us. We got so happily overwhelmed as each and everyone answered us immediately with their personal and fun stories. Tonight, it is finally time to kick off and start this blog series of JUVELAN meets… We welcome you to please join in the fun to read about all these beautiful women and to once again look back at all the amazing photos that our beloved photographer Conny Wenk made.

We would like to start with our very first lookbook cover model from 2011… please say hello to TAMARA ! This is the famous „girl with the freckles“, the positive and adorable young model with her whole life ahead of her. Her smile is so contagious and we will never forget meeting her for the first time, it was simply love at first sight. We had some of our most memorable photo shoot moments together with her, no wonder she ended up on not only one, but three covers!


The Holiday Issue                     The Friendship Issue                The Awareness Issue

What have you been up to since our latest photo shoot together with you?
– I am currently in the discovery phase of my life. Meaning – I’m doing internships at different companies to figure out what else I would enjoy to do except of modeling. However, my dream is still to get into the modeling industry, so I’m ready for more shootings!

Skärmavbild 2015-11-01 kl. 17.05.51Tamara with her awesome and supportive mother Antje

What are your strongest memories from the photo shoots we did with you? 
– Well, the fun actually always begins as soon Conny arrives and with Freddy I can always fool around with in a wonderful way. Like that, the photo shoots are always lots of fun and never tiring – except for my stomach muscles from all the laughing!


Do you have a favourite JUVELAN jewellery piece? 
– Oh yes – the long beautiful silver necklace with red carnelian. And also the butterfly bracelets.


Tamara’s favourite JUVELAN necklace 


Tamara’s favourite JUVELAN bracelet

What are you looking forward to the most right now? / What are you currently up to? / What’s on your life agenda
– Unfortunately, I had fewer model bookings in the last couple of months and I find that very sad and unfortunate. I am working hard, always practicing poses and doing cat walk training in front of the mirror at home. It is about time for new photo shoots and challenges, so that my model colleague from Australia is not so alone anymore on the „special model market“! So let’s go!