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The Glamour Issue

Tonight we are putting the first week of November behind us and OMG, almost 20 degrees outside?! We hope you had a lovely day filled with sun and laughter, but maybe now it is time for a cup of tea, cozy pants and relaxation. On our blog tonight, it’s time for the 2nd blog article in our series of „JUVELAN meets…“ Say hello to our cover model from 2012, the very charismatic, funny, lovable and gorgeous musical star FEMKE SOETENGA: Almost 4 years have passed since our photoshoot for the glamour issue „Looking fabulous“ where Femke overwhelmed our photographer Conny Wenk and us with her awesome model skills together with her fantastic colleagues Claudia Agar and Pia Douwes. Are you curious about what Femke is up to right now and what favourite JUVELAN jewellery she has? Let’s have a look…

Skärmavbild 2015-11-08 kl. 11.21.35What have you been up to since our photo shoot together with you?
The photoshoot was in 2012 in Stuttgart. Since then I’ve been working a lot all around Germany. I was allowed to play many nice roles such as Mina Murray in Dracula, Kathy Selden in Singin‘ in the Rain, Florence Vassy in Chess, Mrs Lovett in Sweeney Todd, Johanna (main character) in Die Päpstin, Eva Peron in Evita, Amneris in Aida, Luiza Vampa in Count of Monte Christo, Uschi in Schuh de Manitu and Michaela in The Stairways to Heaven. And because of these roles, I was also able to meet many great people and visit places I haven’t been before. 

What are your strongest memories from the photo shoot we did with you?
– It was a very pleasant atmosphere, it was all very well organized. It was a lot of fun and everybody was very supportive. And I felt like a princess. We had great make-up done, a nice location, Conny was very positive and she was very quick and professional. And last but not least the beautiful jewellery.

Do you have a favourite JUVELAN jewellery piece?
– The bracelet I’m wearing on the photos is one of my favorites. I wear it regularly. And every now and then I take a peek at the website to see what`s new. From the new collection I like the fancy Cosmic Square earrings.

What are you looking forward to the most right now?
– Now during November I’ll be having 2 weeks off and I’m looking forward to just relaxing and enjoying some free time. After that my battery will be recharged and I’ll be looking forward to the challenges following.

What are you currently up to? / What’s on your life agenda? / Are we able to see you live on stage somewhere?
– I have been rehearsing the role of Anita in West Side Story in Lübeck and was practicing many mambo steps, scenes and songs. It premiered on 17th of October. Besides that, I’m still performing in Die Päpstin, Evita and The Rocky Horror Show.

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