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Heatwave - the black & white issue

Welcome 2016 and welcome back to the blog series JUVELAN meets… We hope you had some lovely holidays and that the new year started well for you. It is time to continue catching up with our lovely JUVELAN models…

Today, please say hello to the gorgeous, extremely funny, caring and loving ANA MILVA GOMES – our model for Heatwave – the black & white collection 2013. The photo shoot together with Annemieke van Dam, Sidonie Smith and Conny Wenk was a long but extremely exciting and enjoyable day. The girls flew in early in the morning from Vienna and back in the evening. The schedule was very tight but we managed to shoot everything we planned and at the same time we had such a lovely time together. Are you curious about what Ana Milva Gomes is up to right now and what favourite JUVELAN jewellery she has? Let’s have a look… Happy New Year 2016!

What have you been up to since our photo shoot together with you?
– Well, I was fortunate enough to stay in Vienna and play Donna in Mamma Mia and more recently I am playing the baroness of Waltstätten in the revival of Mozart das Musical! Plus I got to be a judge on a children’s program called ‚Kiddy Contest‘.

What are your strongest memories from the photo shoot we did with you?
– I remember it being such an amazing day with great energy… I will never forget how silly Annemieke van Dam, Sidonie Smith and I were acting when we did a shot where we opened a box filled with the jewellery and had to act surprised. We were so giggly and crazy! 


Do you have a favourite JUVELAN jewellery piece?
– Owhh gosh… that is a difficult question… I really like all of them. From my custom made purple and gold hoop earrings I wore to a premiere in Stuttgart to the beautiful emerald green, also custom made, earrings I wore to my premiere of Mozart not so long ago.

Ana Milva Gomes

2015-09-26 15.42.05

What are you looking forward to the most right now?
– I’m really looking forward to seeing what is next for JUVELAN… I have a feeling it’s about to blow up anytime. As for myself… I am absolutely happy where I am at the moment and I will go where my destiny will take me.

What are you currently up to? / What’s on your life agenda? / Are we able to see you live on stage somewhere?
– At the moment I’m at the Raimund theatre every night performing in Mozart and I’m working on a few projects that are still in a very early stage. The first thing that will come out soon is a videoblog called ‚INSIDER‘, where I interview people who work in the theatre about their job… from technicians… to front of house… to my colleagues on stage… very exciting!

More information about Ana Milva Gomes and her current projects:

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