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JUVELAN goes Online

Welcome to our first Blog!

This is a first short introduction to our JUVELAN Blog.

Here you will always be able to read the latest news about everything that happens with JUVELAN.

The jewellery firm JUVELAN exists of the jewellery designer Johan Vandamme and manager Fredrik Andersson.  You will be able to read more about them and how it all started in our next blog article, which will be online soon!

After almost one year of preparations, we are now finally able to give you a fine collection of jewellery presented on our beautifully designed homepage, www.juvelan.net, designed by Ramona von Lienen, Unicorn Arts. We are very satisfied with this cooperation we have with her and hopefully she will be part of the journey developing JUVELAN in the future.

Of course there has been a lot more people who helped us to bring JUVELAN to where we are now. You will get to know about all those people in our next blog.

Can’t wait for more to come? Join our Facebook page or dive in to our Online shop to discover all the unique pieces we offer you and get to know everything about how our homepage works. If you would like to order something, now or in the future, make sure you give our DaWanda-Shop some attention and how you, thanks to DaWanda, easily can order our jewellery directly to your house door. Or you can write us at contact@juvelan.net to let us know what you want to order.

Thank you for showing your interest by reading this blog. And a big thank you to all our customers so far and to the becoming ones in the future. Without you there wouldn’t be any JUVELAN.

There is still a lot more to come and we hope that you are just as excited as we are!

JUVELAN – Wear It, Be It