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JUVELAN Bride Veronique

When our very good friend Veronique told us she was getting married, we got overwhelmingly happy and excited. Not only had she and her groom picked out the most amazing location and an adorable dress but Veronique also wanted to have a little twist on the traditional all white jewellery. Veronique’s wedding dress was going to have silk/peach coloured elements and therefore she wished to have her jewellery in a matching colour. Together, we decided to combine white freshwater pearls with the delicately soft Swarovski colour Silk.


If you had a look at our bridal jewellery already, you might recognize the designs that Veronique is wearing. Our designer Johan Vandamme custom made these pieces for her and she loved them so much that they became a lasting part of our
„Endless love“ bridal jewellery collection.


Veronique was wearing the „Invincible love“ necklace, the „Love at first sight“ earrings, the „Love at first sight“ bracelet and the „Bride-to-be“ hair jewellery.

Please enjoy the photos from these cute love birds making a beautiful couple inside and out.