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JUVELAN Bride Evelin

Every bride that we have the pleasure of working with to create her jewellery for the big day, is something very special for us. It’s always different, and always fun when we have contact with these women. Sometimes we have the pleasure of very nice email contact to discuss a brides jewellery, or over the phone, and sometimes brides travel to our showroom in Stuttgart to have a look at our jewellery in real life.

HZ 08 10 13 PREUSS JPG-90When we were approached by the lovely Evelin and her fiancé, it was a real pleasure. It’s the very first time we had the bride AND groom to be in our studio to help them find the perfect jewellery for Evelin to wear on their wedding day. It was very exciting since we had seen a photo from the wedding dress Evelin was going to wear in order to give her good advice, but her fiancé had not seen it.

HZ 08 10 13 PREUSS JPG-50

We were very happy when we received some photos from their big day where you can just see how happy they both are.

HZ 08 10 13 PREUSS JPG-223

Evelin wore our “Silver wedding” earrings, the “Everlasting love” necklace and a “-row version of our “Everlasting love” bracelet.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Photos: http://www.skylobby-photoworks.com/