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JUVELAN at Contasbrasil br

So far, JUVELAN was never distributed in an actual store. But we wouldn’t post a blog just to tell you that.

ContasBrasil br is the first store worldwide where you can see, touch, try on and of course buy JUVELAN jewellery.
In ContasBrasil br you will find some selected pieces from JUVELAN that you know from our website already but there are also a lot of new jewellery that is not on our website yet! During this year and also next year you will find a range of new and existing JUVELAN products and you will always find new pieces of JUVELAN jewellery.

What is ContasBrasil br?

ContasBrasil br – more than just jewellery
Since 2005, the Brazilian Suzy ps Wortberg has been designing custom jewellery in Cologne. Brazil meets Europe. Where different cultures meet, different ideas spring up. Contrast produces exciting new concepts. Jewellery is the expression of personality! Thus all ContasBrasil br products are handmade, unique pieces, developed with a taste for special things. Inspired by the Brazilian light, it’s many-sided culture and the countless riches of the Brazilian soil. Motivated by the desire of bringing people the unique feeling of life in Brazil.

Apart from jewellery, Suzy also designs beautiful leather bags with a great combination of different colours. For her products, she imports most of her material from Brazil.

Where to find ContasBrasil br?

You’ll find ContasBrasil br only in Cologne at

Brüsseler Strasse
50674 Köln

Opening hours
Monday: Closed
Tue – Fri: 10.00 – 13.00h,
15.00 – 18.30h
Sa: 11.00 – 16.00h

The ContasBrasil br store is located in Cologne in the popular “Belgian Area”.
ContasBrasil br is a very colourful store with a Brasilien flair.

JUVELAN is now stepping on a new path and we are very thankful that Suzy has faith in JUVELAN just as much as we believe in our jewellery.

Here are some photos for you to get an impression from of ContasBrasil br store.

JUVELAN jewellery in Contasbrasil br

One of a kind Sterling silver earstuds

Some new pieces of jewellery