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JUVELAN and Contasbrasil br – A Dream Team!

Since Oktober 2011 JUVELAN has been very lucky to know one of the most inspiring and beautiful women we’ve met so far, Suzy PS Wortberg, who immediately said, „I want to have JUVELAN Jewellery in my store!“. Ever since, ContasBrasil br is representing not only it’s own brand but JUVELAN as well.

Recently, we had a quite amazing afternoon, when we finally could fit in a long meeting with Suzy and drove all the way from Stuttgart to Cologne with some exclusive new JUVELAN jewellery pieces that we’ll be launching on our website this fall 2012. The good thing with ContasBrasil br is that you don’t have to wait for the new pieces. Some of them are available in Suzy’s store already now!

Suzy with her roots in Brazil came to Germany over 20 years ago and have an adorable family in Cologne. In 2005 Suzy started to design her own pieces of jewellery and also bags with inspiration from her home country and her new one. Having Brazil meeting Europe gave her complete new ideas for her designing creativity. She opened her very own store, ContasBrasil br, in the fashionable Belgian area in Cologne where she now creates her very own handmade bags and jewellery.

When JUVELAN’s jewellery designer Johan Vandamme randomly visited ContasBrasil br on a business trip in October 2011, and stumbled into Suzy, it was „love at first sight“. Ever since, ContasBrasil br and JUVELAN’s cooperation has been a stream and flow of exchanging ideas, dreams, personal stories and creativity! When you’re walking on Brüsseler Straße in Cologne and all of sudden are standing in front of ContasBrasil br, with colourful flowers covering the wall and a beautiful decorated shop window (it’s candy for the eyes!) you’ll be amazed. And when you then actually enter the store, also there you will be stunned, welcomed by a various amount of different colors from bags and jewellery covering the floor to the ceiling. It’s a dream place for any woman!

Suzy has the eye for that very unique, special design and is very picky and detailed in her choices before she lets any kind of jewellery from JUVELAN into her store. She now has a quite big amount of well-chosen kind of pieces in her store that get changed and replaced continuously, so always keep your eyes open when visiting ContasBrasil br. And if you visit the store you can already now see a selection of brand-new pieces that we will launch online in September.

We are very happy that Suzy crossed our way and that we’re still walking hand in hand together on a very exciting path. And we hope to have something very special to present that is still hanging on our common bulletin board… Stay tune for more!