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“I carried a watermelon.”

the good weather from the past weeks has inspired me to design a new one-of-a-kind necklace, and this time my inspiration was drawn from the most famous summer fruit: the watermelon.

The beautiful green amethyst drop pendant combined with hand picked red tourmaline gemstones will give you the feeling this casual, stylish necklace is like a fresh watermelon when the temperatures get too high.

This one-of-a-kind piece is perfect as a subtle eye-catcher for many outfits and will spread good vibes because you’ll always be able to say: “I carried a watermelon.”
Halskette "Watermelon" - JUVELAN

Halskette "Watermelon" - JUVELAN
Halskette "Watermelon" - JUVELAN
Halskette "Watermelon" - JUVELAN Halskette "Watermelon" - JUVELANHalskette "Watermelon" - JUVELAN Halskette "Watermelon" - JUVELAN