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Hello Bride in Augsburg – an unforgettable event

Why not letting life, be all about spreading love and to be genuinely happy for others? Yesterday at Hello Bride in Augsburg, this is what it was all about. And what an amazing event!

After weeks of intense preparations (we’re so thankful, for having understanding and supporting friends!) and several sleepless nights, the day that we had worked so hard for, finally came. Where to start? The awesome organizers Barbara Gandenheimer and Karin Mausz did such an impressive job building up this huge bridal event in the exclusive hotel Steigenberger Drei Mohren. Congratulations! You girls rocked it!

Oh, and by the way, the hotel is great with nicely styled rooms, superb food, helpful staff and a super yummy breakfast buffet. We can only recommend it.

It made us so happy, to see all these vendor stands filled with creativity, heart and passion for what they do. Every single stand was unique and so were the people having them as well, and that just inspired and gave us such an energy boost. Congratulations also to you! It’s such a great gift to have, being able to be happy for other people’s success and growth, and if you’re also able to share this with them, at the end of the day, you will grow as a person too. We are so grateful towards everyone, whether it was visitors, vendors or press, who came by to compliment our jewellery and our stand. Thank you so much!

We can’t wait for the next Hello Bride event and hope to also see you there. =)