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Five questions for Shari Lynn Stewen, model of our Birthstone collection

Since the start of the year, we have introduced a new monthly mini-collection centred around the birthstone of each month. You have probably seen the accompanying photos. They normally only show a close-up of an ear with an earring or a wrist with a bracelet. So, who is this person? Because our photo shoots tend to be tremendous fun for all involved, I’d like to introduce you to the model behind the close-ups. Each month, she gracefully presents our birthstone collection and is also an exceptionally charming friend of mine: Shari Lynn Stewen.

When I’m not designing jewellery, you can usually find me in the theatre, currently at the Disney musical “Mary Poppins” in the port of Hamburg. During up to eight shows a week, Shari and I share the stage. Mostly we take on ensemble parts but sometimes, with a pinch of luck, we have the great pleasure of sharing the limelight to dance together as Mary Poppins and Bert. Working with Shari is a great pleasure. I also hold her responsible for my laughter lines.

Clear the stage for Shari! Here are our five questions:

1. What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

My personal favourite is a pair of Swarovski earrings. They are small studs with tiny crystals that were given to me by my husband about four years ago. They are subtle in style but elegant. I normally wear them for special occasions like premieres and – most importantly – for my recent wedding. My favourite piece from the JUVELAN Birthstone collection is a fairly recent one: the pearl necklace “Sweet” It’s incredibly delicate and has the simple elegance that I love in jewellery and in fashion generally.

2. What is the most amazing place you’ve ever been?

I find this question incredibly difficult to answer. Places often become incredibly beautiful simply because of special memories. For example, the port of Hamburg will always be beautiful to me. I grew up in the North of Germany and I have always felt drawn to the harbour and the sea, the feeling of freedom. This is also where my husband proposed, right there, between the docks and harbour tour ships. This is why this is a special place for me. In terms of Scenery, the Yosemite Park in California was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I was 18 and on a round-trip through California. I would love to go back to explore and experience more.


3. Name five things you always carry in your bag.

On a regular day, you won’t find anything interesting: mobile phone, wallet, keys, various throat tablets (I am a typical singer …) and lip gloss.

4. If you were a piece of jewellery what would you be?

I think I would be an earring – a drop earing but not too long. Gold with some small and some large crystals…delicate. One you can hide from view when your hair is down but it sparkles when it’s on show!


5.What is your motto in life?

Short, simple and pragmatic: “Just do it!” I know, it’s the slogan for Nike but a former Latin dance coach often said it to me and he was spot on. I am often timid and shy and I believe I should just go for what I want. Restraint rarely brings you forward, not in sports, not in love and not at work. I carry this mantra in my heart at all times, even if I do not manage to implement it every single day.