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Filigree Pixie Dust – The Pink & Mint Collection

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”
J.M. Barrie

Just like the fairy Tinker Bell makes people fly with her pixie dust in the adventures of
Peter Pan, we at JUVELAN would also like to give you wings with our brand-new jewellery collection. The handmade, golden wings that are to be seen on this 15th issue’s cover, with an endless amount of golden wire and Swarovski crystals, were the main inspiration for our designer JOHAN VANDAMME and the whole theme of this magical photo shoot. As a piece of handmade couture jewellery, the wings were created as a little extra treat for the eyes of our readers and gave a sparkly touch to one of the most harmonious shoots we’ve ever had.

The meaning of the colours in our new “Filigree Pixie Dust” jewellery collection represent everything we are and what we’ve become over the last four years. Using only gold (achievement) as a base mixed with mint green (freshness) and fuchsia (confidence).
More than ever, we just love what we’re doing and are overwhelmingly thrilled being able to present a new collection.

JUVELAN is not following any specific trends when it comes to our jewellery making. Although certain trends are just impossible to avoid when you simply fall in love with them. Our designer JOHAN VANDAMME got inspired to do a fresh collection completely in gold integrating Swarovski beads in a soft eye-catching range of colours and everything with a touch of pixie dust. The result: an exquisite, filigree collection of 19 delicate designs that hopefully will appeal to every single one of you.

Please welcome our new adorable JUVELAN model, the musical star MELANIE ORTNER-STASSEN. When we got to know MELANIE, we just felt it straight away that her beautiful and fearless aura would be a fresh and perfect choice for us and for the current collection. We just love her cheerful spirit, blonde short haircut, her blue Bambi eyes and her contagious charisma, which were just an impeccable match to our darling photographer CONNY WENK and our hair & make-up artist NATALIE KOTTMANN. It was such a joyful and special moment to have these power girls gathered together. We are so grateful and lucky to have the best team ever, thanks to all of you guys!

You would like to place an order from the Filigree Pixie Dust collection? If you wish to do so you are more than welcome to visit our online store or simply send us an e-mail to contact@juvelan.net. Your order will be processed throughout whole of August and we deliver from beginning of September.

We hope you enjoy this lookbook as much as we have enjoyed creating the collection and shooting it. Spread your wings and have a wonderful summer!

With love,

Fredrik Andersson
JUVELAN – Business Director & Editor in Chief