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ENDLESS LOVE – the bridal jewellery collection

“Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

We had an idea and we had a vision. For the first time in JUVELAN’s history Johan Vandamme has created a classic, yet modern and fresh bridal collection not only for brides-to-be but all women who love unique jewellery. After months of planning the photo shoot, we finally hit the set, aiming for a flawless result while having one of the most magical days of our life. Finally being able to dress the beautiful models Wietske van Tongeren and Annemieke van Dam with our brand-new jewellery and to feel our vision becoming reality, that is truly an extraordinary feeling. Especially when your expectations are being way more than exceeded finally holding this Lookbook in your hand.

We hope you will feel our love and devotion, that it will shine through how special we want you to feel wearing our latest gems. This issue is dedicated to all of you women out there who want to appear like a fairy tale princess.

This photo shoot and our 12th Lookbook wouldn’t have been possible without our much-cherished team member, inspiration source and dream-come-true-maker and lucky charm Conny Wenk.

We give a big hug to our super models Wietske van Tongeren and Annemieke van Dam for enchanting us with their beauty and endless positive energy.

Take a closer look at the breath-taking hair and make-up in this issue. We send our thanks and love to Katharina Ermert for that.

Thank you Janina Selbach at Soeur Coeur for your stunning dress designs fitting just perfectly to our jewellery.

For matching our taste as well we say thank you to Silvia Porteck at Blumen Porteck with your beautiful flower arrangements.

Last but NOT least, we bow and say thank you to Liesbeth Vandamme for putting our photo shoot into moving pictures, her assistant Leen de Kort, Conny Wenk’s assistant Ulrike Schlee and Janina Selbach’s assistant Tanja Reimche.

Please say hello to very first bridal issue and be enchanted!

With love,

Business Director & Editor in Chief