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Customize your earrings!

You asked, we listened and thought it was time to make a significant update in our online shop. We want to invite you to personalize your JUVELAN earrings – so you can wear them just the way you love. In the past, but especially this year, we received numerous requests if it was possible to change the top part of a pair of earrings. I’m not exaggerating: in the past months, we received this question at least once a week. Mainly by future brides, but also from customers who bought an everyday pair of earrings and instead of a standard ear hook an ear stud instead.

If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen that I took you behind the scenes a couple of weeks ago when I photographed all the earring options we offer at the moment. We updated every single pair of earrings in our online shop and provided them with suitable earring options.

To make sure you can create your personal favourite, we’ve selected a range of different ear studs, clips and ear hooks for you to choose from.

It’s so easy to choose your favourite combination

Today, we’ll show you all the options so you can get an overview of how to personalize your earrings in the future. For every pair of earrings where personalization is possible, we have added the appropriate options that you can choose from a simple drop-down menu. If you are not sure, there is a link on the respective page where you can look at all the earring options again.

We hope you enjoy discovering the various earring options, and we look forward to creating your dream earrings, individually for you.

The options

Ear hooks

The go-to for most earrings in our collections. We love how the simplicity of a plain hook brings out the elegance of every design.

Available in Sterling Silver – 18k Gold plated – 14k Rose gold plated

Ball Ear studs

Studs are a popular alternative to ear hooks as their minimalist look adds a modern touch. Compared to ear hooks, studs slightly shorten a design as studded earrings don’t hang from the bottom of the earlobe but sit higher up.

Available in Sterling Silver – 18k Gold plated – 14k Rose gold plated


Lever backs are a more secure version of our standard ear hook as a fastening at the back ensures your earrings don’t fall out. Our lever backs offer the airy feel of an ear hook – without the fear of losing your jewellery.

Available in Sterling Silver – 18k Gold plated – 14k Rose gold plated

Ear studs lens

An elegant and stylish version of our standard ball ear stud. The lens shape works well with all of our designs, adding a modern twist to any earring.

Available in Sterling Silver – 18k Gold plated – 14k Rose gold plated

Ear clips

Our ear clips are the perfect solution if you haven’t had your ears pierced but would still love to wear our earrings.

Available in Sterling Silver – 18k Gold plated – 14k Rose gold plated

Ear stud with round crystal

Do you want to add some extra sparkle to your earrings? These studs feature a round crystal in an elegant setting to offer a beautiful and luxurious alternative to the simple ear stud.

Available in Sterling Silver – 18k Gold plated

Ear stud drop-shaped crystal

A highly elegant drop-shaped stud featuring two small crystals – a personal favourite of ours. A choice that adds just the right amount of sparkle to each of our designs, creating a beautifully romantic look.

Available in Sterling Silver – 18k Gold plated

Crystal Ear hooks

If you love ear hooks but want to add a little more sparkle, look no further. We’ve added a tiny marquise crystal to the front of the hook to add that certain something.

Available in  Sterling Silver

Ear stud crystal row

A row of six tiny crystals catches the eye and leads your gaze to the design below. The curved shape allows the individual beauty of each crystal to shine.

Available in  Sterling Silver

Ear stud with round crystal

A classic ear stud that will add some serious sparkle! Each stud features 20 tiny crystals that beautifully catch the light from every angle. What’s not to love?

Available in  Sterling Silver

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