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Celebrate Diversity!


„Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.“

A little while ago, our jewellery designer Johan Vandamme went to the colourful city Barcelona for a little weekend trip and he got so inspired by all the beauty the city had to offer that when he came home, he immediately sat down to work on some new and fresh jewellery pieces. Also, he inspired our dearest team member and photographer Conny Wenk to visit Catalonia’s capital city and was able to give his newest creations to be photographed with Conny’s adorable daughter Juliana. She is the very first model to wear these brand-new jewellery pieces and what better way to have a little mini shoot than in the place wherefrom the inspiration for it actually got born?

With World Down Syndrome Day coming up this Saturday, March 21st we ask you to please welcome our newest jewellery „Celebrate Diversity“: A golden bracelet and a golden necklace filled with little, colourful Swarovski butterflies. Let the world know that you are willing to celebrate diversity too by wearing these pieces.

For more Barcelona inspiration, please jump over to Conny Wenk’s blog. After seeing that, you will surely book your own city trip going here within the next few hours!


Our „Celebrate Diversity“ bracelet with gold plated Sterling silver and Swarovski butterfly crystals.





Our „Celebrate Diversity“ necklace with gold plated Sterling silver and Swarovski butterfly crystals.



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