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Bridal Party with Elbbraut and Marry Me Hochzeitsagentur

The Bridal Party in Altonaer Kaispeicher in Hamburg was a few weekends ago and we can’t even describe how wonderful it was to have been part of it. Scroll down a bit and please enjoy some impressions from this magical night.

Together with some of the coolest vendors in the German wedding business with everything from gorgeous dresses, dinner dates with exquisite drinks and food, flower arrangements and fantastic music, we got to know so many excited, loving brides-to-be that it ended up being THE party of the year.

The most beautiful surprise of the evening for us: the crazy pretty models on the catwalk that wore our Golden Beauty headpiece and the Chérie comb. Hair, make-up and first-class styling of our designs by the wonderful Katharina Jasinski. Perfection!

We would like to thank the incredible organizers Theresa Steinke from Elbbraut and Melanie Goldberg with her awesome team from Marry Me Hochzeitsagentur for their enormous effort putting this whole event together. Their passion for what they do is insanely impressive!

Thank you to Kathrin StahlChris & Alina and Till Gläser for photographing the whole evening and letting us share your photos on our blog.

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