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Birthstones November | CITRINE & TOPAZ

Time for a bit of sunshine during the cold month of November! This month, Topaz and Citrine will be the focus of our new birthstone collection. Citrine shines in beautiful warm yellows and oranges, ranging from a pastel lemon yellow and a yellow gold to a Mandarin orange and a Madeira red. Its name Citrine comes from the Latin word citrus(lemon) and at the time of the ancient Romans, it was worshipped as the stone of the sun. Citrine is said to stimulate mental ability and creativity, as well as promote intuition and self-confidence. This gem is even supposed to help with anxiety during exams. If you like a bit of sunshine during these cold temperatures, or you’re preparing for a test you should definitely check out our new collection.

The second gem for November is Topaz, which is popular for its diversity in colours. It is available in white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, green, purple and sometimes even occurs in several shades. Some stones display two colours depending on the viewing angle. What I personally love about Topaz is its toughness. It makes this gem particularly resistant to scratches and therefore an ideal choice for everyday jewellery that you don’t have to take off. If your birthday is in November and you wear Topaz jewellery, you can – allegedly – look forward to a positive change and more willpower. It is also said that the Topaz provides courage and mental strength during difficult times. If that’s not enough, the Topaz is associated with friendship, faithfulness and loyalty, making Topaz jewellery an ideal gift for best friends, siblings and a wedding anniversary.

Here is another fun fact: the most famous Topaz is colourless and was used in the Portuguese crown jewels because it was mistaken for a diamond. Oops! But don’t worry, our collection is free of such confusion. Click here to check out our new designs for the month of November and tell us which of the new pieces is your favourite. In the meantime, I will start thinking about the designs for Turquoise, our next gem of the month.