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Birthstone September | Sapphire

A look into my wardrobe confirms it straight away: blue is one of my favourite colours. For that reason alone, I have been looking forward to September and its birthstone, the sapphire. I have been able to source beautiful sapphires in bright colours apart from the typical bright blue, so you can look forward to a collection that suits every taste. In fact, most people don’t know that except for red, sapphires come in all kinds of hues and colours – although the name “sapphire” stems from the Greek meaning “blue stone”.

The sapphire is the second hardest gem after the diamond and is also considered one of the stones with the highest energy. In ancient Egypt priests even wore sapphire amulets to ward off evil and strengthen the spirit. In Asian countries, the sapphire is considered a stone of truth and friendship, representing loyalty, knowledge and honesty and is said to promote concentration and self-discipline. If you know anybody who is about to celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary, sapphire jewellery might be a great gift idea as this anniversary is also called the “sapphire wedding”.

Speaking of weddings: besides diamonds, sapphires are traditionally used as engagement rings. Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with an engagement ring with a 12-carat sapphire in 1981 making this precious stone a symbol of “royal love”. Love did not last for Charles and Diana but with Prince William placing the same ring on Kate Middleton’s finger in 2010 our faith in the sapphire should be restored.

Curious? Click here to discover our new mini-collection for September starring the sapphire. I’m curious – which is your personal favourite? Which colour do you like most? I look forward to your feedback. And if your birthday is in September: Congratulations and all the best from us at JUVELAN!