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Birthstone March | AQUAMARINE

This month’s focus is on a gemstone that I can not get enough of. With its fascinating colour spectrum from delicate pastel to intense indigo blue, it lives up to its name, which derives from the Latin “aqua marina”: “seawater.” And just as the ocean and the sound of the waves have a calming effect when you let your gaze wander over to the horizon, the aquamarine is said to have a soothing effect and has a positive impact on the body and soul of the person who wears it. Sailors used to wear aquamarine amulets with the word “Poseidon” on it and believed that they would give courage to their souls.

According to a legend, the aquamarine is supposed to come from a secret vault of the mermaids. If that’s true, most mermaids probably live in Brazil, because you can find most of the aquamarines there. The largest Aquamarine ever found in Brazil weighed a whopping 111 kilo and is still considered one of the heaviest gemstones ever! Obviously that’s too heavy for a necklace – but in fact, Aquamarines are great for statement jewellery, because they grow in the form of large, hexagonal crystals they make a great eye-catcher even when it’s only one single stone on a chain.

What I personally and as a jewellery designer like best about this stone is the fact that it flatters every skin tone and fits every eye colour. It doesn’t matter if your birthday is in March or you just want to treat yourself, take a look here to discover the brand new, exclusive mini collection that I designed with the Aquamarine. Anyway, there is always a reason for a new piece of jewellery with aquamarine, because it’s been said that this gemstone fills your life with more happiness and enthusiasm – and you can never have enough of that, right?

In April, you can then look forward to a mini birthstone collection with the most famous and most popular gemstone ever: the diamond! But for now, have fun with the new aquamarine mini-collection and happy march!