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Birthstone June | PEARL & MOONSTONE

This month, we focus on two stones, pearl and moonstone. Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love pearls and it was this gemstone that inspired me to design my first collection many years ago. Since then, the pearl has provided me with an endless source of inspiration and I brought a burst of fresh ideas to the current mini collection. Unfortunately, not all of them could be finalised by the start of this month due to time constraints as Fredrik and I were off on our honeymoon. Therefore, you will only be able to find part of the whole collection here. The remaining new designs – some inspired by the pearly-white sandy beaches of the Maldives – will follow later this month. Don’t forget to stop by every now and then!

What fascinates me endlessly about pearls is their uniqueness. As with humans, not one pearl resembles another. Each is unique, distinguished by tiny bumps and irregularities. To me, that’s exactly what makes pearls and people so exciting: their individuality. In terms of symbolism, they are thought to strengthen friendships and relieve grief, stress and dissatisfaction. Besides, not all pearls are creamy white. Their colour palette ranges from apricot and pink to purple, brown and even black. They offer the right style for every taste.

Our second gem of the month of June is moonstone. It gets its name from its pearly and glowing surface sheen, which sparkles differently depending on the angle of light, evoking associations of moonlight. Despite its name, this gemstone cannot be found on the Moon but in many places on Earth. The region of origin is crucial when looking at its colour: blue moonstones are considered very rare and can be found mostly in Madagascar while Indian moonstones have an orange sheen. Regardless of its colour, the moonstone is said to be one of the most effective stones to provide perseverance and help endure hard times. It is also a great gift for lovers as it supposedly arouses and intensifies passionate and loving feelings.

Curious? Click here to find our new mini collection for June, dedicated to pearl and moonstone. And don’t forget that a few more pearl designs will be added over the course of the month.  If you don’t want to miss any news and be the first to get the latest updates from our world of jewellery, simply register here for our JUVELAN newsletter. We look forward to meeting you!