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Birthstone December | TURQUOISE

Every December I take a moment to look back at the past year. What has been going on and which events mark my personal highlights? Our monthly birthstone collection was amongst my favourite 2018 JUVELAN events. Even if some were a little late due to delivery problems with our suppliers, we were able to create a limited mini-collection for the birthstone of each month, capturing and highlighting the special properties of each individual gemstone.

Closing our birthstone series, the turquoise will take the spotlight in December. With its unique colour and strong symbolism, this gem marks the grand finale of our 2018 collection. I am particularly fascinated by the unmistakable colour of this unique stone, its rich blue-green that is often streaked with light or brown stripes or dots.

The turquoise symbolizes stamina and steadfastness, protection and success. It is said to strengthen the ability to communicate and increase confidence as well as help with depression. In Native American culture, the turquoise represents the connection between soul, man and sky. It is said to strengthen the independence and freedom of the carrier.

What I find particularly interesting is that the turquoise is said to be a “protector of the traveller”. Worn on the body or simply put in your car, it is said to protect against accidents. In addition, it should help to discard old habits, seek new experiences and protect from distraction and discouragement from others.

In my opinion, it is the perfect companion for good intentions and our journey into the new year – as well as a beautiful, emblematic Christmas gift! In all honesty, we can all do with a protective and supportive stone in our life.

Go here to find our new JUVELAN mini collection featuring turquoise. As always, I am excited to hear your feedback on our designs and find out about your favourite piece from our 2018 birthstone collection.