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Birthstone August | PERIDOT & SPINEL

This August, another two gemstones make their grand entrance: peridot and spinel. Working with them for this month’s new mini-collection has been particularly exciting for me. Not only was I born in August, I also got married exactly one year ago. Therefore, I was of course personally interested in the powers and properties associated with these two gemstones.

The green peridot is one of the few gemstones that occur exclusively in a single colour and is often confused with the similarly coloured though much darker emerald. The use of the peridot goes a long way back and it can be found in Egyptian jewellery from the early 2nd millennium BC. The gem was also very popular with the ancient Romans and known as the “emerald of the evening” due to its glowing green colour that does not change, even under artificial light but shines brightly day and night. Peridot is considered a “stone of friendship” and is said to promote a positive attitude towards life and to keep the love between spouses fresh.

The spinel – our second gemstone for August – owes its name to the Greek word spinos (spark). And indeed, it sparkles in a variety of colours, usually red, pink, blue or violet. In its purest form, the spinel is colourless but flawless specimens are rare. Usually, metals such as zinc, iron or chromium naturally occur in different proportions which gives each stone its own colour and a unique sparkle. The spinel not only looks gorgeous but also allegedly helps to achieve goals and to transition through change with ease. The spinel is said to strengthen self-esteem, courage and energy, which makes it the perfect gem for stages of life characterised by change.

Curious? Click here to find our new mini-collection for August starring peridot and spinel. Which is your personal favourite? Let me know! Look forward to September and our exclusive jewellery collection starring the sapphire as the central birthstone. If you don’t want to miss the start of a new collection and be first to hear the latest news from our world of jewellery, simply register here for our JUVELAN newsletter.