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Birthstone April | Diamond

„Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!“ This catchy tune by Marilyn Monroe from the film „Gentlemen Prefer Blondes“ has guided me throughout the entire process of creating the new jewellery designs for April. Now that the jewellery is finished I am indeed a little nervous to present our new diamond mini collection as the birthstone for April to you.

Birthstone April | Diamond

There is hardly a more famous and sought-after gemstone than diamonds. It is the hardest known naturally occurring material at all and is often used by its associated immortality as a symbol of eternal fidelity for engagement rings. Diamonds are said to give the wearer qualities such as strength, courage, and invincibility. The word “diamonds” comes from the Greek word “Adamas”, which means “unconquerable and -indestructible.” A very suitable stone for true “Wonder Women” :-).

Diamonds are made of carbon, which is rare in the earth’s mantle. Because of the extremely high temperatures involved in their production, they can be found at depths of up to 660 kilometres before being transported to the surface. Every year, around 20 tonnes are produced worldwide which is only one-fifth of the global demand. No wonder this is a very desired precious stone.

They say “Diamonds are forever”, but I think they are something for every day – and undoubtedly way too beautiful to save them for special occasions. That’s why I only designed two different, very classic designs with this stone that are simple but elegant. They speak for themselves, with no frills – and I found it particularly important to make them as timeless, as this gemstone that will never go out of style deserves. This makes them not only perfect pieces of jewellery for special events but also suitable companions for every day. And because each diamond is unique by nature, I have designed one of a kind necklace with beautiful white and grey raw diamonds.

Curious? You can find our exciting new diamond designs here. And after a winter that’s been going on a little too long this year, May will be green, at least when it comes to the next birthstone collection with the shimmering emerald! Please write me and let me know how you would like to wear this elegant gemstone.