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Act Of Kindness #23: Call An Old Friend And Wish Him A Merry Christmas

There’s nothing inherently abnormal about dropping an old friend a line. If you do it, don’t feel you’re being desperate or intrusive. People are often delighted to hear from an old buddy out of the blue, especially during Christmas. After all, you did once get along with them well enough to become friends. That doesn’t happen with just anyone. Who knows? Maybe they were considering getting back in touch with you, but felt awkward about it as themselves.
Project #rakwithjuvelan: Random Acts of Kindness with JUVELAN
Every day in December until Christmas, we’ll reveal a new act of kindness that we ask you to put into action and do for your partner, friend, family member or even for a stranger. Please join in the fun and share your act of kindness by uploading a picture on one of our social media channels such as InstagramFacebook or Twitter. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #rakwithjuvelan in order to inspire even more people to take action. Let’s have some fun!