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A Postcard From Sunny Barcelona

Are you curious what we are up to at the moment? Hold on just a few more weeks. We have so many goodies for you this month and can’t wait sharing them with you all! This weekend, JUVELAN designer Johan Vandamme sends his love from the city of dreams, Barcelona. By his side he’s having our darling team member, Kathrin Nolte who is the creative author of our texts, whether it’s for our products, newsletters or other useful information. After preparing our upcoming, brand-new jewellery collection (wherefrom it looks like Kathrin is already trying out one of the new necklaces already?!) they are now both enjoying a relaxing city trip to Catalonia’s capital Barcelona, gathering new energy by eating Paella, drinking Cava and strolling around in colourfull Park Güell. Oh, and don’t you think our newest necklace “Pixie Dust” is a perfect match to the silhouette of the this park’s mosaic art work?