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A Mediterranean autumn | wedding inspiration from Mallorca

Getting married on Mallorca is a dream for many couples. Shortly after our wedding, I visited the Balearic island for the first time myself and now I can see why. Fantastic food, breath-taking scenery and an incredibly verdant countryside even during the dry summer months. And don’t get me started on the colours: the first light at sunrise, the colourful houses and brightly flowering plants and the golden red light at sunset –this island is made for romance.

While we at home are watching the autumnal colour play of falling leaves and digging out our autumn coats, the photos from our Mediterranean photo shoot on Mallorca with bridal studio Tara invite you to revel in summer memories – and maybe find inspiration for your own wedding.

During the shoot with photographer Rebecca Conte, the stunning models wore our earrings “My Passion” and “My Dearest”, combined with the headpiece “My One and Only”. Personally, I loved seeing our headpiece styled with a romantic ponytail. An unusually modern twist to create an effortless bridal hairstyle which – combined with our jewellery – creates the perfect look for a bohemian wedding.

Headpiece “My One And Only” & Ohrringe “My Passion”

Earrings “My Dearest”

When I look at the photos I immediately feel like travelling to Mallorca again. If you plan to get married on this beautiful island or if you plan a Mediterranean wedding at home I look forward to hearing from you. I am more than happy to help you select and design your jewellery to create your Mediterranean dream wedding.

Photographer REBECCA CONTE | Bridal gowns BRAUTATELIER TARA |