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5 questions to jewellery designer Johan Vandamme

Behind the scenes Wietske van Tongeren

Who is the JUVELAN bride?
The JUVELAN bride is a strong, confident woman with a great sense of style and fashion.  She loves everything romantic, is not afraid to dream and she believes in endless love!

Could you describe your brand-new bridal jewellery collection in only 5 words?

Why did you want to design a bridal collection?
I’ve had the great pleasure of custom designing loads of jewellery for quite a few gorgeous women in the past couple of years. The response was always very positive and I was complemented more than once on how timeless, classy and original my jewellery is.
Even without officially having a bridal collection until now, I already had the chance to custom design for several wonderful brides in the past couple of years. I’ve done everything from traditional white bridal jewellery, golden pieces with coloured gemstones, white with blush tone crystals and even black pearl bridal designs. My decision to now finally design and hand make a complete bridal collection, is a dream come true. Being able to create something every woman would want to wear, and to make her feel even more special on her big day is to me very fulfilling and exciting.

Behind the scenes with Anaïs Lueken

What makes this particular collection stand out from the other JUVELAN jewellery collections?
The bridal collection stands out on it’s own, simply because it’s designed to make the bride feel unique and to give her that extra sparkle on her wedding day. There is an enormous amount of detail in the whole collection, starting with finding and selecting the finest materials there are. I decided to make the majority of the collection in sterling silver, white freshwater pearls in all shapes and sizes and Swarovski crystals because I know they will look brilliant on every woman who wears them. Apart from having the majority of the collection made in white, as a little extra I chose to design a small part using different coloured materials. For example I worked with 14-carat gold-filled material and Golden Shadow coloured Swarovski crystals to give some pieces a warm glow. Then there is the very special part of the collection for which I used the most exclusive materials there are, like real 14-carat gold, Tahitian pearls and blue Topaz. I also gave all the designs different kind of shapes and sizes by mixing high quality materials, all to make it into a fresh collection with jewellery pieces that will last forever. 

JUVELAN Bridal Jewelry

The collection is very big, filled with different options for all different kind of women, but are you still willing to custom design and make pieces on demand?
Yes! I will offer customization for every bride-to-be who might be inspired by my new collection, but wants her own little twist to it. At the end of the day it’s not about me, it’s about the bride and to make her feel special and unique.  

Another very special asset to this collection is inspired by the saying: “A bride should wear something old and new.” I combined these two things and decided to make one of a kind statement necklaces where I use vintage brooches as the “something old” part and freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals or gemstones as the “something new”. Like that I am able to create a unique, one of a kind statement piece of jewellery, that guaranteed no one else will have.

Behind the scenes Annemieke van Dam

Why should you choose JUVELAN jewellery for the big day?
Because you will feel unique and beautiful. All you need for your wedding day is a piece of jewellery that will make you sparkle and shine! Even a subtle piece of my bridal collection will make your smile look even prettier.

Something that I also thought of while designing, was making jewellery that is wearable even after your wedding day, something that will last forever.

Behind the scenes Wietske van Tongeren

photos Conny Wenk