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3 Summer Questions!


Earlier this week, we shot our new collection on a beautiful warm summer day at the water. It was a day filled with laughter, hard work, freshly baked strawberry muffins, chocolate chip cookies, going in the water, loads of color and most importantly: our amazing team of lovely people that we had the pleasure working with. Some of them for the very first time, and some faces you might recognize from our previous shoots.

Since we love it that summer finally arrived, we thought it would be fun to ask all of our team members 3 questions to let you know what their favourite summer things are.

With this, we already revealed who our model for this collection is, and we can already say that the result is going to be amazing!

Enjoy our summer questions!

We’re going from left to right and so we start with our supermodel…
Melanie Ortner-Stassen – Model
Favourite summer drink: Hugo
Favourite summer drink: The way to your heart, Soulsister
Favourite summer word: Barbecue

Johan Vandamme – Designer JUVELAN
Favourite summer drink: Any kind of fruit juice
Favourite summer hit: Can’t rely on you, Paloma Faith
Favourite summer word: Shorts

Fredrik Andersson – Business Director JUVELAN
Favourite summer drink: Sex on the beach
Favourite summer hit: We’re going to Ibiza, Vengaboys
Favourite summer word: Midsommar

Liesbeth Vandamme – Film Director
Favourite summer drink: Red Devil cocktail, a very nice cocktail which you only get during the World Cup at the moment in Belgium
Favourite summer hit: Best day of my life, American Authors
Favourite summer word: Sunglasses

Katrien Vandamme – Prop Stylist / Film Assistant
Favourite summer drink: Strawberry daiquiri
Favourite summer hit: Rather be, Clean Bandit
Favourite summer word: Tanning

Marieke Vandamme – Cookie Provider / Set Darling
Favourite summer drink: Multivitamin juice
Favourite summer hit: Happy, Pharrell Wiliams
Favourite summer word: Sea Scouting

Wim Trogh – Prop Stylist / Film Assistant
Favourite summer drink: Cuba Libre
Favourite Summer hit: Bullit, Watermät
Favourite summer word: Cruisen

Natalie Kottmann – Hair & Makeup Stylist
Favourite summer drink: Hugo
Favourite summer hit: Just give me a reason, Pink
Favourite summer word: Sunflowers

Conny Wenk – Photographer & Art Director
Favourite Summer drink: Still sipping on Hugo’s – as I’m always one year behind with everything, haha!
Favourite Summer hit: My kids listen to “Lieder” (Adel Tawil) in repeat mode – so that’s the Wenk summer hit!
Favourite summer word: Ice cream!

Melissa Wiedmann – Hair & Makeup Assistant
Favourite summer drink: Ice cold water
Favourite summer hitDon’t stop by 5 seconds of summer
Favourite summer word: Good Vibes

Ulrike Schlee – Set Assistant
Favourite summer drink: Beer with Sprite (Radler)
Favourite summer hit: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Lowlands
Favorite summer word: Soccer World Cup