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10 things we have learned in 10 years of JUVELAN | Part 2

If you read our previous post you might be curious about the next five things that we have learned in the past 10 years since we founded JUVELAN. Every Monday will share my personal experience with each of these points on our Instagram account. It would be great to see you there.

And here they are, five more things we have learned as jewellery entrepreneurs:

10 things we have learned in 10 years of JUVELAN

6. Think about your strengths  

The bigger your company gets, the more tasks you have to juggle to ensure things run smoothly. The temptation is to try to manage everything yourself. However, that’s where the fun lost and you burn yourself out. That’s why it’s important to learn how to delegate and give 100% to the areas that you are best at and that you enjoy the most.

 7. Nothing and nobody is perfect  

It’s so easy to get lost in tiny details and to try to improve a product over and over again before presenting it to the public. So often it seems that nothing is ever good enough and that your task is impossible to complete. I had to learn to push my thriving for perfection to one side and force myself to complete a project so that I can really focus on the next task ahead.

8. It’s not always about the speed of your growth  

Over the years, our motto has been: slowly but safely. Our engagement to the theatre was full-time so we dedicated every spare minute to JUVELAN. Of course, there were moments when we would have loved to move more quickly but without external investors or significant financial funds, a slow and natural growth was definitely the right path for us.

9. Surround yourself with like-minded people

No matter where your business takes you, you’ll meet great people along the way. Among them might be like-minded people who, like you, have founded their own company or took the step to become self-employed and some might share your values and outlook. Even if your fields of business are completely different, you can still learn so much from each other.

10. Customer satisfaction is everything  

The reason why we do what we do is YOU! I mean every single customer who found their way to us and our products. Even after 10 years, it is still the most wonderful feeling in the world when a new order is placed. We are incredibly grateful for the trust that every single customer placed in us over the years. Some customers have been with us since our very first piece of jewellery. Comments, photos, emails and messages from satisfied customers always put a smile on our faces. They are the reason why we look forward to the next 10 years of JUVELAN.

Of course, these aren’t all the things we’ve learned in the past decade but they are some of the most significant ones. We hope they inspire you as much as they have encouraged over our ten-year journey with JUVELAN